The geographical history of the Northwest Angle and Islands is unique and fascinating, as documented by an Angle Outpost guest, John Wicklund:

“The story of how the Northwest Angle was created by a surveying and map accident is amazing!   Benjamin Franklin negotiated the description of the border with the Brits in 1783 in Paris, France.  They used the Mississippi River as a reference point.  Turned out that the Headwaters of  the Mississippi River was much south than Ben Franklin’s map showed.   It took until 1814 or so to fix the map problem.    However, it had created this unusual part of land  that could only be reached by going through Canada to get there.”

Originally Peterson’s Camp, Angle Outpost Resort was founded in 1957 as a camp for loggers. It was owned and operated by Irene and Harold Peterson, Lisa’s great aunt and uncle.

In 1979, the camp was sold to Paul and Diane Edman, who changed the name to Angle Outpost Resort. The Edmans ran the resort with their three children: Scott, Allen and Jill. Scott and Allen guide for the resort to this day.

Nearly 20 years later, the resort was purchased by David and Jessica Fandrich. They owned and operated the business until August 2012, when it was sold to Jason and Lisa Goulet.

The original founders, Irene and Harold Peterson, started the tradition of being caretakers at Fort St. Charles, located on Magnussun Island. That tradition has been carried on by every owner of the resort to date.